Solar Energy Facts: 5 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know


Adding Solar Panels — Is It Worth the Investment? solar panels installed

Adding Solar Panels to your home’s energy system is the sustainable improvement that everyone is talking about. Personal, decentralized electricity generation is a controversial topic for the power companies, but for the homeowner adding Photovoltaic (PV) panels is a huge cost reducing investment.

With interest in this earth saving technology at an all time high, a lot of information, and misinformation abounds. As you consider going green with PV panels, keep a few important pieces of information in mind. Continue reading

What Are Live Transfer Solar Leads and How Do they Work?


Not All Solar Leads Are Created Equal

live transfer solar leads

If you’re in the business of solar sales and installation, then you know that the quality of your leads matters. Purchase top quality leads, and your conversion rate will skyrocket. Opt instead for budget leads, and you might have a tougher time getting them to actually convert.

In the world of solar leads, live transfer leads are highly coveted by those who know good quality leads when they see them. Live transfer solar leads boast unusually high conversion rates, and most solar installers find that they provide a handsome return on investment, when compared to other types of leads. So why do live transfer solar leads work so well? Continue reading

Health Benefits of Music


music health benefits

There’s nothing quite like the strains of a familiar melody to get your body moving on the dance floor, bring back a distant memory, or lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. We all love rocking out to our favorite tunes, but it turns out that music actually does a body good. That’s correct: science is continually uncovering more and more data that suggests that music isn’t just good for the soul; it’s also great for your physical and mental health.

Music Boosts Athletic Endurance and Performance

As anyone who’s ever tried to stick to a fitness routine knows, it can be difficult to stay motivated. When you’re feeling low-energy, it’s really tempting to take a few shortcuts on your daily jog or reroute your bike ride to avoid those strenuous hills. A 2010 study published by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science and Sports found that healthy male college students who listened to fast music pedaled stationary bikes at a substantially faster clip than those who listened to slow music, and that they reported lower levels of physical exertion.

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Extreme Weather: Can We Cope?


Learning How to Deal With Climate Change extreme weather

Regardless of the cause, there is little doubt that the Earth’s climate is changing and weather is becoming more extreme. We have seen more frequent hurricanes, more violent tornadoes, deadlier wild fires, and colder winters. Many parts of the world are suffering from drought conditions while others are suffering frequent floods following torrential downpours. Mudslides and landslides continue to cause havoc in the poorest communities while seaside resorts are being battered by violent winter storms.

Over the past year we have seen power supplies cut off for millions of people, rail networks shut down, huge swathes of the land flooded for weeks at a time, and whole communities trapped by snow. Overall we are coping at the moment, but climate change experts have predicted that this is only the beginning and that these extreme weather patterns will continue to get worse. Are we prepared for what is to come? Continue reading

Dementia and Vitamin D


dementia and vitamin D

Dementia is a difficult condition to cope with, not just for the person suffering from it, but also for the people around them. Elderly folks with dementia may forget those closest to them, and their lapses in memory and judgement can drastically compromise their quality of life, and may even put them in danger. Those with dementia often require extensive and costly care, as their condition renders them increasingly unable to address their own needs.

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